Shenkang Nodrug Medicine

Dr. wang
  • What are the categories of substances inside body?

  • Anatomic Structures and Features

  • What is Bioelectricity circulatory system (BECS)?

  • BECS and Features

  • The Relationship between Anatomic Structures and BECS

  • What is diseases?

  • What is the relation between Anatomy and to organic diseases?

  • Anatomic Structures and Chinese Medicine

  • Anatomic Structures and WM

  • What is the relation between BECS and function diseases?

  • Cellular, Tissue, and Organ Bioelectricity Health and Functional Disease

  • What is the relations between function diseases and organic diseases?

  • Who discovered the BECS?

  • What is the nature of life?

  • The elasticity of blood vessel is the bioelecytricity of the blood vessls wall

  • What is the common cause for most diseases?

  • What is Bioelectricity?

  • What is BERT? bioelectric theapy or technology

  • The serious harms of physiotherapy Equipments including DDS

  • Who can provide BERT? ( DDS is not bioelectric therapy)

  • What is the effects of BERT?

  • Analysis on Effectiveness of BERT system On 19 Different Diseases

  • What is the relation between cells and blood vessle?

  • Molecular Bioelectricity Health and Metabolic Diseases

  • Misapplication of Electrocardiogram (ECG)

  • BERT system is the developemnt of accupuncture